• Sushi Sushi Platter

Fusian Orlando Sushi Caterers create platters with an exotic and tantalizing taste that is sure to leave an imprint of flavor in your guest mouths.  We invite you to try from our wide sushi catering selection of fresh sushi, nigiri, and sashimi.  If raw isn’t your thing, we also have other delicious alternatives, like our McSpicy Krab Roll, filled with our special volcano mixture and tempura fried to crispy perfection.

To make things convenient, Fusian, Orlando Sushi Catering offer the option to have platters prepared and ready for pickup.  But if you want to impress your peer, you can also request to have Chef Sonny, Orlando’s Sushi Caterer, show up in person and dazzle you with his culinary speed and precision.

For Special Sushi Catering Prices and to Learn of the Custom Sushi Menu Sushi Chef Sonny can make for your party.

Call (321) 234-1230 and ask for Sonny Now

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